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Safety Information .. 4

Introduction .. 8

Navigation Bar . 9

Notifications Bar . 10

 Call Functions. 13

 Contacts. 15

 Messaging .. 19

 Bluetooth &  Wi-Fi21

 Opera Browser. 24


 Play Store. 27

 Camera. 29

 Gallery. 32

 Music Player. 34

FM Radio .. 36

 Sound Recorder. 38

 File Manager. 39

 Calendar. 41

 Clock. 42

 Settings. 44

 USB Storage. 50

 Troubleshooting.. 51

Safety Information

Please carefully read the terms below:

Use Safely

Do not use the phone in situations where it might cause danger.

Transportation Safety

Please observe all transportation laws and regulations.

Please drive with both hands on the wheel.


Hospital Safety

Please follow hospital rules and limitations.

Please turn off your mobile phone when near medical instruments.

Airport Safety

Remember to follow all airport and flight safety regulations.

Chemical Warning

Do not use your mobile phone around fuels or chemicals.

Temperature Warning

Do not subject your phone to extreme temperature conditions.

Water Hazard 

Your phone is not waterproof. Keep your phone away from water or liquid to avoid damage.

Emergency Calls

Make sure your mobile phone is switched on and in a service area. In home screen, tap the phone key and dial the emergency number.

Accessories and Batteries

Use only Blu authorized batteries and accessories.

Information Backup

Remember to keep a written record of important information.

Battery Safety and Precautions

> For better performance and longer battery life, it is recommended that you charge the battery fully before using the mobile phone for the first time.

> The optimum performance of a new battery is typically achieved after two or three complete charge cycles. Note: Keep in mind that continuous overcharging will affect long-term battery life.

> While charging, keep the mobile phone out the reach of children.

> Store the battery in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and water.

> Do not expose batteries to extreme temperatures (below -8°C (18°F) or above 43°C (110°F).

> Immediately stop using the battery if it produces an odor, cracks and leaks, overheats, distorts or has any other type of physical damage.

> Avoid using the charger near or around liquids. If the charger is exposed to water or any liquids, immediately unplug it from the outlet to reduce the risk of overheating, charger malfunction, electric shock or fire.

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Hazardous Waste – Battery Disposal

Warning: Do not throw away batteries with uncontrolled daily waste.

The marking in this manual indicates that the batteries in this product should not be disposed with household trash at the end of its working life. If the batteries are not disposed of properly, the substances included can cause harm to human health and the environment. Please follow environmental laws and guidelines for proper waste disposal.

Cleaning and Maintenance

> Avoid using the handset and accessories in excessively moist areas to avoid malfunction.

> Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the handset, battery and charger.

> Do not use alcohol, thinner, benzene or any other solvent to clean the handset.


Power On and Off                                                                                                                               

On - Please ensure the SIM card has been properly inserted into the phone. Long press the Power key to switch the phone on.

Off - In standby mode, long press on Power key until an options menu appears. Select Power Offin the menu to power off the phone.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is a dedicated area that displays device navigation buttons. These system buttons allow the user to control the phone seamlessly.


 Screen Shot 2016 03 09 at 9.50.59 AM Back
Returns to the previous screen; Closes the keyboard, any open program, or any menu option.
 Screen Shot 2016 03 09 at 9.51.03 AM Home
The home button pauses any current action and returns to the home screen.
 Screen Shot 2016 03 09 at 9.51.06 AM Recent Apps
Opens a list of recently opened applications that allows you to switch conveniently between them. This option can also close any open applications by swiping to the side.

Notifications Bar

The notification bar is located on the top of the screen, which contains useful and important information regarding your phone, and the applications that are installed.

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On the notification bar, several icons will appear such as signal bar, time, battery indicator, data indicator, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.You may slide the notification bar down with your finger to display any pending notifications or actions.


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Notification Settings                                                                            

The notification settings panel provides shortcuts to different phone settings for quick access. Click on any of the shortcut notification icons to power on or off.

To clear notifications:

» Drag down the notification bar and click the clear notification icon on the lower right hand part of the notification screen (3 horizontal lines as shown in the figure).

To access the quick notification settings menu:

» Drag down the notification bar completely. Some settings include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, Airplane mode, and Flashlight.

 Call Functions                                                     

At the dialing interface, enter the phone number and then click the dial key.

Placing a Call                                                                                             

» Click the Keypad button to open the dial keyboard. At the dial keyboard, enter the phone number you wish to dial.

You may also press and hold the 0 key to add a (+) sign when adding an international dialing prefix.

» Click the dial button to make the call.

If dialing an extension, you may click on the keypad button to open the keypad interface and enter the number of the extension.

» Click the end button to end the call.

Call Options                                                                                             

There are different options that can be used in the call log and dialing interface. You may press the menu key while in the general dialing interface and adjust call settings, enter call history, clear your frequently dialed numbers, and add a new contact.

Call Logs                                                                                             

Every telephone number called and received will be saved in the phones call log. All recently called numbers in the call log can be dialed by clicking on the contact tile in the speed dial tab, or by clicking on the contact and selecting call back in the recent tab. When the number appears on the list, click it to view details. To delete a call from the call history, press the menu key and select delete. You may remove one or multiple calls. 

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Open Contacts                                                                                 

To access » Click on the applications menu then on the Contacts icon.

» The default display is the phone contacts and SIM card contacts.

» Contacts are organized alphabetically by default.

Click the menu button to enter the contact search interface or scroll to search a contact. Any numbers or letters associated with any of the contacts saved in the list will be shown in the search results.

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Add New Contact                                                                                      

» Click the add contact icon to add contact icon in the bottom right.

» You may save your contacts to either your Google account, phone or SIM card.

» Enter the contact information that include adding a picture, name, telephone number, group, address, and email among other options.

» Click to save contact.

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Note: You may add individual contacts to any of the home screens by entering the contacts menu, clicking on the specific contact, pressing menu, and then selecting the ‘Place on home screen’ option. You can also share contacts via MMS, Gmail, Bluetooth, and other share options within the same settings menu. 

Delete Contact                                                                                      

» Click on the Contacts icon to enter the phonebook.

» Click and hold on the contact that you wish to delete.

 (Once selected, you may also scroll and select other contact(s) you wish to delete)

» Click on the contacts menu and select Delete.

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Import / Export Contacts                                                                                      

The phone allows you to import and export contacts to synchronize information between different storage types that include the SIM card, Gmail account and your phone.                            

To import or export contacts:

» Click the Contacts icon to enter the phonebook.

» Click the menu button and select Import / Export

» Select the source you want to copy the contacts. Once selected click next and select the destination where you want the contact to be copied to and then select the desired contacts to be copied.


You may use this function to exchange text messages and multimedia messages with your family and friends. The messages to and from the same contact or phone number will be saved into a single conversation so you may see the entire message history conveniently.

Open Messaging                                                                             

To access » Click on the Application Menu then on the Messaging icon.

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Sending an SMS                                                                                             

Application Menu > Messaging > New message

» Click the contact icon to enter text message recipient

» Compose Text Message and click Send

Sending an MMS                                                                                                  

When creating message, the default message style is SMS. The message will automatically convert to MMS when adding an attachment or when surpassing 10 pages of SMS messages.

» Click the attachment icon in the messaging interface.

» Click to add attachments and create an MMS message.

 Bluetooth &  Wi-Fi

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications technology that devices can use to exchange information and connect to different types of devices that include headsets and other devices.

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Power on Bluetooth                                                                               

To access » Click on the Settings icon then on Bluetooth and selectto power on Bluetooth

» The Bluetooth will then start to scan for all devices within its range and will start display all available devices.

» When the scan is complete, all the devices found will display in a list under available devices. Once the device has been identified, click on it to pair.

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Power on Wi-Fi                                                                               

To access » Click on the Settings iconthen on Wi-Fi and selectto power on Wi-Fi

» Click on the desired Wi-Fi network to be connected.       

Note: Unsecured networks can be connected to directly - secured networks require a password or credentials prior to connection.

To display advanced options, click on the available option tab.

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 Opera Browser

Opera is the fast and secure way to navigate with your Android phone.

Quick Access Tab                                                                                            


Displays your recent browsing history

Speed Dial

Displays your favorite sites, bookmarks, and saved pages as a gallery of images. Add folders or reorganize your Speed Dial with the swipe of a finger


Get recommendations for top stories, arts, business, entertainment, and other popular categories based on your preferences.

Menu Options                                                                                                  

App Layout

» This option changes the layout of the browser

New Tabs

» This option adds additional tabs

Data Savings

» This option enables/disables data savings mode

Clear Browsing Data

» This option clears any data stored

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Gmail is Google’s free email service. To access the Gmail program, click the applications menu and click on the Gmail icon and either sign in with your existing account or follow the instructions to create a new account.

Note: In order to keep accounts streamlined with Google services, your Gmail account user name and password will be used for some Google programs that include Google Play Store, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google +, Google Calendar, and Google Wallet.

Open Gmail                                                                                 

To access » Click on the Applications Menu then on the Gmail icon.

Sending an Email                                                                                             

» Click the Compose button to create a new email.

» Enter the recipient’s email address.

» Enter a subject.         

» Compose your message. Click the attachment button to add an attachment.

» Click the Send button to send the email.

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 Play Store

Google Play allows you to download music, movies, and games directly to your device.

Note: You will need to log in to your Google account when configuring the phone or entering the Play Storefor the first time.

Open the Play Store                                                                             

To access » Click on the Applications Menu then on the Play Store icon

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Installing an Application                                                                                             

» Browse through the categories available or enter the name on the search text box to find your desired application.

» Click on the application.          

» Click on INSTALL (for free applications) or click on the PRICE (for paid applications).

» Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

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Android 6.0 OS Applications                                                                              

Any native or installed applications will ask for permission when accessed for the first time.


Prior to use: It is suggested that you insert SD card before using the camera or video camera. All photos or videos taken by the phone should be typically stored in the memory card for storage of large capacity images and videos.

Open the Camera                                                                                  

To access » Click the Applications Menu then on the Camera icon

Note: You may place a camera shortcut icon on any of the screens

Taking a Picture                                                                                   

» Aim at the object or scene that the picture will be taken.

» Click the Shutter button on the screen to capture the image.

» After taking the picture, the file will be saved in the cameras gallery folder.

» You can view the photos by clicking the preview box button.

Recording a Video                                                                                       

» Aim at the object or scene that the video will be taken.

» Click the Video button to start recording.

» Click on the Video button to stop recording.

You may adjust various settings for the camera by pressing Menu while in the camera interface. When in the standard camera mode, you can switch to video to record or click the gallery preview box.

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The gallery organizes all your pictures and videos in a single application.

Open the Gallery                                                                              

To access » Click on the Applications Menu then on the Gallery icon

Viewing Pictures and Videos                                                                                   

» Click on an image to view in full screen. To play a video clip, click the play button.

» To navigate through the gallery, slide your finger to the left or right.

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Share Pictures                                                                                    

Click on the Share button to share the image. You may share pictures by sending them through different types of installed applications. You may also send pictures through the MMS message function by attaching a picture and via Bluetooth.

Adjust Image                                                                                        

Click the Edit button to adjust images. You may select from different effects that may include Vintage, Black and White, Instant, Latte, Litho, X-Process, Crop, Rotate, Mirror, Straighten, Vignette, Contrast, Exposure, Auto color, Shadows, and Vibrancy among other options.

Crop Pictures                                                                                      

Click the Edit button to Crop the size of the picture. Once the picture appears, pinch your fingers in or out to adjust the size. To keep proportion, hold down any of the four corners of the image and adjust.

 Music Player

The BLU Music Player is your all in one music application. Its smooth and easy to use interface makes this player efficient and fun.  

Open the Music Player                                                                             

To access » Click on the applications menu then on the Music Player icon.

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Playing a Song                                                                                             

» Click on the Music Player icon to open the music library.

» Select a search category (Album, Artist, or Song)

» Click on a folder from the selected category and/or click on the desired song.

Search Music                                                                                                   

You may choose to search for music from media folder through artist name, album name, song name.

Set Music Player in the Background                                                                                     

Click on the Home key to move the Music Player to the background. You will see an icon on the status bar indicating that the music player is active.

FM Radio

Open the FM Radio                                                                                  

To access » Click the applications menu then on the FM Radio icon.

Note: The FM radio uses the wired headphones as an antenna in order to receive signal. Before using this function, connect the original equipment headphones that came with the phone.

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FM Radio as Background                                                                               

Click on the Home key to move the FM Radio to the background.

Favorite Channels                                                                                           

Click to scan FM channels automatically then click to add any of your favorite radio stations.

 Sound Recorder

You may send any recorded audio via the File Manager by selecting any of the default share options that include Bluetooth, MMS, Google Drive and Gmail.

Open the Sound Recorder                                                                             

To access » Click on the applications menu then click on the Sound Recorder icon.


» Keep the phone’s microphone near the sound source.

» Click the record button to record the audio and click the stop button to end the recording.

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Note: It is suggested that you save all your recordings in your SD card for maximum storage capacity.

Please ensure the SD card is installed for extended storage space.

 File Manager

The file manager allows you to search and organize your stored phone files conveniently and efficiently through one program.

Open the File Manager                                                                               

To access » Click on the applications menu then click on the File Manager icon.

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The calendar helps keep track of your life’s most important moments in one application.

Open the Calendar                                                                               

To access » Click on the Application Menu then on the Calendar icon.

Creating an Event                                                                                             

» Long press on the specific date to add a new event. In the new event window, click Edit.

» Enter the new event details including name, location, start date and time.

» Click to save the settings.

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You can use this feature to set up alarms, view the local time in different cities anywhere in the world, and even run a stopwatch.

Open the Alarm Clock                                                                               

To access » Click on the Application Menu then click on the Clock icon.

View the Current Time in Other Cities                                                                                             

» Click on the Clock icon.

» Click on the World Clock button and select the desired cities.

Create a New Alarm                                                                                             

» Click on the Alarm icon tab.

» Click on the Add Alarm button to add a new alarm.

» Set the time.

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                                                                          Wireless & Networks                                        

 Wi-Fi / WLAN

  • Settings » Wi-Fi to power on. When on, the Wi-Fi will automatically search for available networks. Any unsecured network can be used directly and any secured network requires a password or credentials prior to connection


  • Power on Bluetooth. Once on, Bluetooth will automatically scan for any nearby open devices
  • Click to connect device

  Data Usage

  • Mobile and Wi-Fi Data Usage

  More Wireless & Networks

  • Tethering, Portable Hotspot, VPN, APN
  • Airplane Mode

Note: Airplane mode will turn off all network connections automatically.



  • Brightness, Wallpaper, Sleep, Daydream, Font Size, and Rotation

 Sound & Notification

This option sets the ring tone settings for receiving calls and notifications. Some of the settings include:

  • Vibrate, volume, ring tones, ring tones notification, dial touchpad, and haptic feedback and tones


  • Manage Applications - Manage and delete installed applications
  • Running Applications- Press the Stop button to terminate any of the applications from the running apps list and clear any RAM usage.

Storage & USB

  • View phone files and storage information.


  • General power usage information.


  • General memory usage information.


  • Add and manage device access to multiple users.



  • Add and manage fingerprint security to the device. You will be prompted to setup a fingerprint scan when setting up the security option.


  • High Accuracy – Use Wi-Fi and Mobile Networks to determine location.
  • Battery Saving – Use Mobile Networks to determine location.
  • Device Only – Use GPS to determine your location.


Set up basic screen locks: Use slide, pattern, PIN or password to lock the screen.

  • Pattern: The initial set up will include simple unlock instructions and examples. Click to continue the security pattern step. Note: You can add additional pattern security at power on.
  • PIN: Enter a PIN number to unlock the screen
  • Password: Use a password to unlock the screen

Note: You may stop this security feature at any time.

Set up SIM card PIN lock

  • SIM card PIN (Personal Identification Number) is used to prevent unauthorized use of SIM card.

To change a blocked PIN code, you will need to unlock the SIM lock then go to the Change Password screen. The phone will automatically prompt you enter the old PIN code and ask to enter a new PIN code twice. The phone will then prompt you that the change was successful. If you enter the PIN incorrectly three times, the SIM and PIN codes will be automatically locked. You will need the PUK code to unlock the phone that is available through your service provider. If you enter the PUK code incorrectly 10 times, the SIM card will be permanently locked. Please see your service provider for a new SIM card

  •  Unknown Sources – Allow installation of apps from unknown sources


  • Add and manage accounts (IMAP, POP3, Corporate, and application accounts)

  Language & Input

  • Language – Change the language of the phone
  • Personal Dictionary - Add or delete words to the custom dictionary keyboard,
  • Spell checker, voice typing, text-to-speech, Google voice typing.  

 Backup & Reset 

  • Backup Data – Will back up all application data, WLAN passwords, and other settings to Google's servers
  • Restore to Factory Settings – Restores phone and erases all stored data completely.


  • Add and manage Google accounts


 Date & Time

  • Select Date Format - There are 3 kinds of formats you can choose from: Month-Day-Year, Day-Month-Year and Year-Month-Day.

Scheduled power on & off

  • Set the phone to automatically turn on or off at a specific time.


  • Power button ends call, auto rotate screen, Talk Back, speak passwords and large text


  • You may print files via Cloud Ready printers

       (Please check Google Cloud Print website for printer compatibility information)

 Developer Options

If the phone does not display Developer options, press build number seven (7) times in the about phone tab.

  • The developer option gives access to USB Debugging and other developer tools.

 About Device

  • Phone information status and firmware updates

 USB Storage

Open USB Storage                                                                              

Connect your phone to a computer using a USB cable. Once connected, a connection interface will appear on the notification settings. Click the USB notification bar icon to access the USB computer connection menu and select the desired setting.

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Below is a list of common problems that may occur when using your mobile phone. Try these easy troubleshooting steps to resolve any type of issues you may encounter.

The phone does not power on

  • Press and hold the power key until the startup sequence appears on the display.
  • Check the battery level and ensure there is sufficient charge.

The phone does not respond after several minutes

  • Remove and insert the battery – If the phone has an internal battery, please press and hold the power button.

The phone powers off by itself

  • Check if the screen lock of the phone is enabled.
  • Check if the phone needs to be charged.

The battery will not charge

  • Check if the battery is already fully charged.
  • Make sure that the battery is inserted correctly.
  • Ensure that the battery being used is a BLU approved battery.
  • Double check if the charger connector is properly connected to the phone.

Note: Connect charger only after the battery has been inserted.

The standby time is too short

  • Please keep in mind that standby time relates directly to phone usage (Internet, Text, Voice Calls, Maps, etc.).
  • Batteries typically have to be replaced after a year of use.

The phone cannot connect to the network (Voice or Data)

  • Verify if you have active service with your service provider.
  • Contact your local network service provider and verify if you are within its network coverage area.

The phone displays a SIM Error

  • Make sure the SIM is properly inserted and in its intended slot.
  • Make sure that the SIM card is not damaged or scratched.

The PIN code was entered incorrectly three times

  • The SIM card will lock and you will need to enter the PUK code (PIN Unlock Code). Please contact your local service provider to obtain the PUK.

I cannot make calls

  • Make sure that the number you dialed is correct and the dial key has been pressed.
  • Use the full national area code when dialing out of your area or when abroad, use country-specific international access codes.

I cannot receive calls

  • Make sure that your phone is connected to a network.

The caller ID does not display on incoming calls

  • Contact your local network service provider and verify you have the caller ID feature enabled on your account or verify if the caller may have blocked his number from appearing.

The caller cannot leave a voicemail message

  • Contact your local network service provider and verify if the voicemail service is active on your account or check if the network is busy.

The phone does not connect to the internet

  • Ensure with your service provider that your account has the appropriate internet/data plan enabled.
  • Ensure internet APN settings are configured (Carrier dependent).

Text Messages cannot be Sent / Received

  • Ensure text messaging is enabled with your service provider.
  • Ensure APN settings are configured (Carrier dependent).

The information provided in this user manual is subject to change without notice and BLU Products reserves the right to modify the manual at any given time. BLU Products has made every effort to ensure that this user manual is accurate and disclaims responsibility and liability for any inaccuracies or omissions.